It’s no exaggeration that coaching changed my life and career for the better.

Are you looking for:

  • A safe, confidential space and dedicated time to explore your goals, wants and needs?
  • A chance to process and download your thoughts and experiences away from the noise and chaos of everyday life?
  • A non-judgemental, trained professional to help you build your self-belief and passion?
  • Someone to hold you accountable for your own boundaries and needs?
  • Time and space to contemplate or go for fresh opportunities?

I’m a qualified Performance Coach with NLP and have worked with over 30 coachees since qualifying in 2020. My coachees include school leaders, business leaders, students and those embarking on new professions or preparing for and negotiating internal and external changes.

Gaining a coach of my own in 2019 led to dramatic, exhilarating changes in my own life and work, allowing me to clarify my values, understand what I really wanted and find the self-belief to pursue it. To be able to pay this forward by working with others is a joy and a privilege.

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What I Can Offer

Coaching provides a safe and trusting space in which you can explore the issues most pertinent to you. It is a non-therapeutic, goal-oriented process whereby your coach uses questions and tools to travel alongside you as you question, explore and focus on your chosen areas of life, work or study.

Coaching sessions provide what for many people is a precious opportunity to reflect on their own values and needs and to truly be heard.

Sessions usually run fortnightly at a mutually convenient time and last for 60 minutes. A coaching journey might typically last for five sessions, but this can be adapted according to the individual’s evolving requirements.

Examples of My Work

Coaching Conversations with Bukky

In this interview, I talk to my own first coach, Bukky Yusuf, about my coaching journey, first as a coachee and now as a coach.
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