All sessions are tailored to the unique needs, ethos and requirements of each group or organisation. Context is research- and experience-based and approaches are pragmatic, dynamic, positive and can combine presentation with group discussions and opportunities for individual reflection.

Participants will be left feeling ‘seen and heard’, invigorated and with a powerful sense of perspective and clarity about their next steps. Audiences include leaders at all levels, new professionals, smaller teams and whole staff bodies.

I have extensive experience of delivering in a range of contexts and on a range of themes/priorities, including:

  • Identity and belonging
  • Recruitment and retention
  • Leadership, modelling and developing others
  • Thriving cultures
  • Fresh starts
  • Overcoming challenge or conflict
  • Finding the joy
  • Recovering from setbacks
  • Team-building

Tell me your priorities and the challenges you face and we will work together to find sustainable and realistic ways forward for you and your teams.

Sessions usually run from 90 minutes to a full day.

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Emma standing with hands in her pockets wearing a blue shirt.

We will carry Emma’s expert advice and practical humanity with us as tools and touchstones.


Emma sat with her hand on her chin wearing a blue shirt.

Wellbeing and Effectiveness

For staff teams or colleagues working in similar roles (e.g. leaders, new professionals). Materials developed with Adrian Bethune of; we deliver jointly and individually.

You will leave with practical, no-cost strategies for looking after yourselves and one another.

  • Self-efficacy and ‘humans first’: what do we mean by wellbeing and effectiveness
  • Values and moral purpose: holding your moral compass tightly
  • Perspective: what really matters? Managing your attention and emotional energy
  • Workload and current challenges: what does the landscape look like for you and your team? Strategies for managing the never-ending to-do list
  • Balance and self-care: what do you need to flourish? Stress signs and signals
  • Relationships: giving what you can and taking what you need
  • Agency: you have more control than you might imagine. The power of humour.

Emma was fantastic - Engaging, funny, relevant, thought provoking and the whole day flew by!

Martin Smith, Headteacher

Courageous Conversations

For leaders at all levels.

You will leave with tools and strategies for impactful conversations with positive, lasting outcomes.

  • Professional courage: what does it mean to you?
  • Introducing VIEW – a new framework for courageous conversations
  • Current challenges: controlling the controllables
  • Knowing and articulating what you stand for: your values and moral purpose
  • Impact: being clear about how you want change to look
  • Emotions and empathy: let’s talk about feelings – how they are or might be and how you want them to be
  • The practicalities and a chance to practise your conversation
Emma standing with hands in her pockets wearing a black leather jacket.

Engaging, passionate and down-to-earth.

Senior Leader

Emma sat with her hand on her chin wearing a green shirt.

Building Trust and Empowerment with Lessons from Coaching

For all those interested in building coaching cultures of trust, empowerment and positive impact.

You will leave with a wide range of tools and approaches for use at home and at work to help you and others gain clarity and perspective.

  • Clarifying and communicating identity and values
  • Understanding emotions and managing your emotional energy
  • Boundaries, control and intentionality
  • Change and future-planning
  • Balance and self-care
  • Perspective, self-efficacy and defining ‘success’
  • Attaining clarity
  • Enriching your relationships and networks
  • Efficiency and effectiveness

Emma is perceptive, wise, fun and experienced. I feel all set now to step forward with confidence in the new year, and knowing there is someone out there who understands.

Coaching client and new teacher

Having it all? Finding fulfilment in work and life

For professionals who find themselves juggling their own needs with the needs of others.

You will leave feeling intentional and confident about your boundaries, what success looks like to you and that you are, indeed, ‘good enough’. Draws on evolving research and my doctorate in balancing teaching and parenthood.

  • Bringing your whole self to work – and remembering to bring your whole self home again
  • Performative cultures and definitions of ’success’ – what legacy do you want to leave?
  • Compassion stress and burnout – protecting ourselves and one another
  • Barriers to balance: personal, institutional and societal
  • Enablers at personal, institutional and societal levels
  • Where are you now – where do you want to be? Planning practical ways forward
  • What works? Tips from research and experience for individuals and organisations
Emma sat side on wearing a pink shirt.

Emma listened and made us feel valued and important. I have reflected on what matters most and taken action to prioritise accordingly.

Middle Leader

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